Devoties come to Tara Tarini Temple to offer the first bunch of Hair of the newborns with a hope that the Goddess will protect the newborns from all evils. On normal days the temple barber conducts the tonsuring of the children. Ticket for hair offering is made available on payment of Rs. 10/- per head in the Trust Board Office of the Temple. During Chaitra Mela when large scale  Hair offerings are made, 750 barbers with license are engaged at the hill top and down hill. On obtaining  tickets, devotees can offer the hair of newborns  at either hill top or down hill barber shed.


Thread and Marriage Ceremony are allowed at the down hill temple complex. Wide cemented floors surrounded by  tree growths provide a beautiful place for sacred ceremonies. Facilities for accommodation and feast are also available.


Facilities for Puja of Vehicles are provided both at top hill and down hill temple complex. Sevayats of the temple conduct such Pujas. Vehicle owners can get such Puja done on prior payment of nominal charges to the Temple Trust Board for different type of vehicles.


Devotees on prior deposit of Rs. 25/- can organise Homa in the temple premises. Devotees can bring Purohita with them for the purpose. Five rooms are there  hill top for devotees for  Puja & Homa in the Temple premises.


Devotees can have Bhoga from the temple beyond the fixed quantity Bhoga made in the temple on prior payment of cost of the Bhoga. This facilities can be availed on contact before at least two days of the date of the Bhoga.