Nitya Bhoga

This provision has been added recently to the daily Bhoga offered to Sri Sri Maa Tara Tarini. Devotees who wish to offer Rs. 11,000/- or more can avail this opportunity. out of the donated amount Rs. 3,000/- to go for fixed deposit and the interest accrued on it will be utilised for Nitya Bhoga and the rest amount will be utilised for the development of the new Temple and its  complex. The Devotee who wish to pay as mentioned above will choose a day in the year on which Puja & Bhoga will be offered to the Goddess in his/her  name or in the name of the person / persons of his/her choice. This Bhoga will be offered to the Goddess at the time of Raja Bhoga i.e. 12.45 noon on the date chosen by the devotees for years to come. The Bhoga can be availed by the devotee or family present in the temple on the fixed date and time or else the Bhoga will be distributed among the poor people free of cost.


This is a special provision  added to the daily Seva Puja of Sri Sri Maa Tara Tarini. In this Seva Marjana and Dipa Dana will be offered to the Goddess in the name of the devotee / devotees on the date of their choice in a year at the time of morning Marjana. The devotees offering Rs. 5000/- to Rs.11,000/- to the TTDB can avail this opportunity.