Daily Seva Puja:


           Daily seva puja is being performed in the temple as per the following established programmes.

Time                            Nature of puja

  5.05 A.M                   Majana

  6.15 A.M                   Mangala Alati & Pahili Bhog

12.15 P.M                   Raja Bhog

12.35 P.M                   Pahada

  2.15 P.M                   Reopening

  5.15 P.M                   Evening Majana

  6.15 P.M                   Sandhya Alati

  9.45 P.M                   Bhog & Pahada



          Majana is conducted twice  a day , once in morning and again in the evening. Each Majana takes about one hour. The deities are initially cleaned by the Sevayat and then properly washed in the holy water of river Rushikulya specially brought for the purpose. Then sarees and other dress materials along with ornaments are put on the deities. Thereafter the bodies of the deities are laid with paste made from turmeric and Sandalwood and various other materials. The deities are also decorated with flowers of different kinds, specially Mandar with incense sticks and deepa. The deities are made ready for Mangala Alati.


Mangala Alati, Sandhya Alati & Pahili Bhog.


          Mangala Alati, Sandhy Alati and Pahili Bhog performed simultaneously,  Khechodi is the main item in the Pahili Bhog along with Fruits and dry sweets.


Raja Bhoga and Ratri Bhog:


            During this time, the items such as  Khechodi, Dal, Curry, Khata and different Sweets are offered to the Goddess . The Bhoga is  made available to the public after offering to the deities .



           It is observed twice daily, once during the day time i.e. from 12.35 P.M. to 2.15 P.M. and again from 9.45 P.M. to 5 A.M. This is the rest time for the deities.

            But on special occasions like Sankranti, Chaitra Parba etc the temple remains open till mid-night,  only night pahada is observed during these occasions.