Future Plan


Development of Tara Tarini Pitha envisages a three-pronged approach depending   on the physical elevations available. The three lines of approaches are as follows


Development of Tara Tarini temple and the temple complex at the top hill.

Development of the Tara Tarini hill

Development of the down hill temple complex





 (1) Development of Tara Tarini temple and the temple complex at the top hill. 

(1)  Construction of a Sandstone built Rekha Style temple in place of the present one with an elevation of about 65 ft. above the hilltop.  Thus the temple can be viewed from all places around.

(2)  Construction of a Mukteswar style Arch Gate in front of the temple.

(3)  Improvement of the top hill Barber Shed.

(4)  Construction of shopping complex to provide Puja materials to the devotees at reasonable rates.

(5)  Development of Temple Garden.

(6)  Modern Parking facilities for vehicles.




(2) Development of the Tara Tarini hill:

The line of development will be as follows:

(1)  Construction of a rope way from the downhill to the top hill to provide joy ride for the public in general and a very convenient mode of transport for the old aged and the children in particular

(2)  Improvement of the stairways from the downhill to the top hill. Broad and low elevation steps with five rest sheds at regular intervals along with architectural designs will provide pleasant and natural surrounding to the devotees going up and coming down from the temple.

(3)  Drinking water facilities all along the road side

(4)  The road leading to the top hill will be widened to provide easy plying of vehicles from both the sides. There is also a plan for construction of another road, which will be used for ascent and other for descent.

(5)  Vantage points on the hill top road side to give a panoramic view of the surroundings 

(6) Development of the hill forest.








(3) Development of the down hill temple complex:

The development will focus mainly on providing different amenities to the devotees. This will includes the    Construction of a large size multi purpose Kalyan Mandap that can accommodate 3-4 functions at a time such as marriages, thread ceremony etc. It  will also house a Yagna Sala to perform the puja rituals in a large scale.

Apart from the above, the TTDB also has future plan to develop the Rushikulya River bed for water sports.